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Area Attractions

Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘WOW’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Cloyne.
Cloyne may not be as popular as other cities in Canada, but don’t let that fool you. Cloyne is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.
Bon Echo Provincial Park.jpg

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Biking: Biking is permitted on park roads only.

Birding: The Peregrine Falcon, a species of concern in Ontario, is often seen nesting on Mazinaw Rock ...

Boating: Power boats are allowed on Mazinaw Lake but are prohibited on all other lakes in the park.

Canoeing, Discovery Program, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming

1000 Islands

A variety of new and exciting opportunities await you along the 1000 Islands Parkway. Boating enthusiasts will enjoy the many services available in the hamlets of Rockport and Ivy Lea. The local waters are great for scuba diving or taking a scenic boat tour of the 1000 Islands.

Services, lodging and camping facilities can be found all along the Parkway. The scenery is simply spectacular with panoramic views of St. Lawrence along most of the 1000 Islands Parkway — stop and take it in.


Mazinaw Rock

Mazinaw Rock is a 100-metre (330 ft) high cliff in the Addington Highlands, just north of Kaladar, south-central Ontario, Canada. It stretches for 1.5 kilometres (0.9 mi) along Mazinaw Lake and is a landmark in the Bon Echo Provincial Park that draws the attention of many campers and cottagers.

Star Gazing Point

View the night sky as it is meant to be seen. These days, it’s not an easy task to find a patch of the clear night sky that’s not obstructed by light pollution.
But, just 37 kilometres north of Napanee the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area (DSVA) is ready to wow you with incredible, clear views. This spot is the most southerly point in Ontario that offers a night sky experience very similar to what was available more than 100 years ago.
With ample parking and a large concrete pad for a camera or telescope setup, DSVA is perfect for anyone looking to observe the natural wonder of the stars. The viewing area is open from dusk until dawn – no registration is required and admission is free!

Land o’lakes Rescue Petting Farm

This is a wonderful place full of happy rescued farm animals looked after by some of the loveliest people you'll ever meet. For a $7/person entrance fee, you get a guided tour with a big refillable bucket of carrots to feed the animals and just a wonderful experience.

Flinton Falls

This is a small man-made waterfall that has been slightly altered by the dam across its top. The waterfall is about 3 m high and 8 m wide. The bedrock is a jet-black metamorphic rock. You can get to the bottom of the falls following a short path through the bushes to the left from the fence. Very peaceful and natural looking.
Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives.jpeg

Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives

You can learn about the area’s rich and colourful history—especially about settlement and pioneer life, logging, mining, the building of the Addington road as well as the famous Mazinaw Rock, Bon Echo and Mr. Merrill Denison, the writer & playwright who used to live there.

Cowboy and Angels Horse Farm in Madoc

They offer Equine & K9 First Aid courses from our Certified Equi-Health Canada & Canine Health Canada Trainer! From children's courses to advanced wilderness, and working dog courses, there is something for everyone!
Cowboy and Angels Horse Farm in Madoc.jpeg
O'Hara Sugar Maple - family pure Maple Syrup Farm in Madoc.webp

O'Hara Sugar Maple - family pure Maple Syrup Farm

Observing real maple syrup production is a truly Canadian experience. As the winter weather begins to warm, treat yourself and the whole family to the sweet freshness of maple syrup. 
Maple season runs from Early March to Mid to late April.

Rainbow Lake Narrows


Rainbow Lake and the Rainbow Narrows, which connect to Lake Kushaqua, offer a quiet paddling experience with plenty of beautiful scenery. The quiet waters, while open to motorboats, are more often dotted with loons. In addition to fishing and wildlife viewing, the Narrows allows access to the much more remote-feeling North Branch of the Saranac River for those that want to get away from civilization for a little while. If staying at the nearby state-run Buck Pond campground, you may be able to paddle right from your campsite into the beautiful Rainbow Lake!


Walleye season opens the first Saturday in May to March 15 and the daily limit is five, with a minimum length of 18 inches. Walleye's "wall-eyed" appearance enables them to see very well in low light and even dark. Take to the narrow, 3 miles-long, lake at dawn or dusk when they are most active. If you like to fish from a canoe or kayak, this is your place. The paddle from Lake Kushaqua to Rainbow Lake, through the narrows, is a nature-lovers paradise. Reeling in a walleye would be icing on the cake!

rainbow lake narrow.jpeg
Kashwakamak Lake.jpg

Kashwakamak Lake

A long 15 km (9 miles), relatively narrow freshwater lake running east-west,   Kashwakamak Lake is home to 19 campsites that are sporadically situated throughout the lake, both on the mainland and on its many islands. Out of the 19 campsites, 1 of those is a vehicle-accessible site (aka drive-in site), and all other 18 sites are water accessible only and will need watercraft for access to the sites.  

Sand Lake

Sand Lake is located in the Cataraqui River watershed and is part of the Rideau Canal System. Nearby lakes include Indian Lake, Opinicon Lake, Hart Lake, Crow Lake, Troy Lake and Whitefish Lake. 

Sand Lake is a natural, mid-depth, coldwater lake located on the Canadian Shield and enhanced by the construction of a dam. Like the majority of lakes within the Cataraqui Region, Sand Lake mixes in the spring and fall due to lake water warming and cooling.

Sand Lake hosts a diversity of aquatic communities. There is a fish sanctuary at Freeman’s Bay and downstream at Jones Falls with restricted no-fishing policies all year. Sand Lake hosts a habitat for brook trout, lake whitefish, and splake in colder pockets throughout the lake.


Snow Mobiling

As one of the 35 Snow Tours promoted by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) this winter, the Bon Echo Loop has rapidly become one of Southern Ontario’s most popular loops. It offers an exciting mix of well-established trails that wind through the majestic forests, rugged terrain and picturesque highlands of east Central Ontario’s premier snowbelt, including its namesake Bon Echo Provincial Park. Located in OFSC District 2, the Bon Echo loop runs south and east of Bancroft to the Mazinaw area of Ontario’s Highlands


Picture this. You and your buddies just finished a day of riding 350km of epic twisties throughout Ontario’s Highlands. You roll into your final destination for the night, quickly set up your tent, grab your bathing suit and jump into the lake to cool off from your ride. You then start a fire for cooking dinner and crack open a beer you picked up from one of the local craft breweries. You finish the night around the fire, checking out the night sky and recapping the day you spent with your crew riding some of Ontario’s best roads.

Highlands Loop Motorcycle-Friendly Campgrounds:



  • Marble Lake - 2.5 mi / 4.1 km

  • Bon Echo Provincial Park - 4.2 mi / 6.7 km

  • Mazinaw Lake Narrows - 5.1 mi / 8.2 km

  • Kashwakamak Lake - 7.5 mi / 12.1 km

  • Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area - 19.8 mi / 31.9 km

  • Sand Lake - 24.9 mi / 40.1 km

  • Kennebec Hall - 26.1 mi / 42 km

  • Big Clear Lake Park - 26.3 mi / 42.2 km

  • Puzzle Lake Provincial Park - 29.4 mi / 47.3 km

  • Spindle Tree Gardens - 31.6 mi / 50.9 km

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